Sushi menu Syborit


Minimum order 100€.

With this option, you get 6 types of unique sushi, 1 piece of each type. A total of 6 sushi in the set.

The set includes: nigiri with baked eel and smoked cheese, nigiri with tuna and truffle, nigiri with salmon flambée and saffron sauce, nigiri with asparagus and sweet curry, nigiri tikrflem with unagi sauce, nigiri with engraved salmon and white sesame.

Remember that each guest will eat at least 3-6 different sushi rolls (provided that there are other appetizers on the table and there may be a main course as well).

Please also consider that preparation for large tables takes time. Let us know in advance if you want to order delicious sushi. At least 7 days before the party.


Grand Chef assortii sushi
Sushi menu Syborit


For these sushi we will add 20 points
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