snow crab, fresh cucumber


Norwegian salmon, cream cheese, avocado


tiger prawn, cream cheese, avocado


snow crab, tobico, cucumber, avocado


tuna, edamame, fresh cucumber, coriander, siracha sauce, cabbage


smoked chicken, cream cheese, fresh cucumber, crunchy croutons, unagi sauce


fresh cucumber, tomato, wakame salad, avocado, peanut sauce


Norwegian salmon, cream cheese, avocado

Customer feedback

Many thanks to the Sushi Shop’s professional team! The delivery was fast and everything was delicious! I wish everyone a good day and even better mood! 😉
Lucy / Instagram
I ordered sushi to work for my birthday. The delivery was very fast! Everything was delicious! Many THANKS to you! It’s nice that I found your company! I will definitely use your services in the future and will recommend you to all my friends. Once again, many thanks. There was enough sauce, chopsticks and everything else for 40 people.
Anton / Facebook
My last order was on 15.09. My rating to the order – wonderful as usual. Recommendations – keep up the awesome and fun attitude
Helen / Facebook
I’m your loyal customer. I would once again want to say THANK YOU to your whole team and to wish you success and future improvement!!! Everything is incredibly delicious!
Carmen / Instagram
Hello! As usual, the sushi rolls were great 😊! But today I would like to say special thanks for putting together my order and that all my requests were taken into account. I asked for my order to be packed into small boxes – many thanks to you! It was really important for me (I had to carry it in my backpack) and it was pleasant that you didn’t forget about my request! You are truly the best! 😊
Stepan / Facebook
Good evening! Thank you for really tasty sushi rolls! I like to order my sushi from you because of big Filadelphia portions. Also, thank you for the gift you sent me as compensation. Thank you for a nice evening!!!
Karl / Facebook



Our store has brought together a team of very different people with different personalities, working styles and world views. Regardless of all our differences we also share many common interests. In addition to common workplace, we are also united by:

Many of our employees have been working at Sushi Shop since its opening in Tallinn. We offer you a chance to take a closer look at our employees:

Sushi Shop’s team

sushi kokk


has been with us from the start. When we say that he’s a true professional, it is not merely praise but a fact, however trite that might sound. Every sushi shop needs a cook like Aleksandr to achieve success. And we have him. According to our calculations, during his job with us Aleksandr prepared over 590 thousand pieces of sushi, boiled over 11 thousand kilograms of rice and sliced 4 tons (!!!) of cucumbers.

sushi kokk

SUSHI chief cook

is a person who approaches every task with maximum focus and responsibility. Everything he does, he does with perfection: salmon has been cut perfectly, rice has been prepared excellently – all this is without doubt his service. It is very pleasant to work with chefs who pour their soul into their dishes and this is exactly what Andres does. It is near impossible to find a chef who would treat their professional responsibilities with such devotion as Andres. This is in inevitably expressed in the end result – the customers keep returning for his sushi and sushi rolls.

sushi kokk


another chef who daily prepares delicious sushi and sushi rolls for our customers. Aleksandr has been working in the sushi shop since its opening, takes his work very seriously and pays great attention to details. For this reason all our dishes are delicious and unique and always look presentable and appetizing.

sushi kokk


has been working in Sushi Shop since its opening. She is that one person in the kitchen who can keep the whole team motivated for a full day and establish tasks in a distinct manner. If there wasn’t Natalja – there wouldn’t be Sushi Shop.

sushi kokk

sales representative

is a true professional in working with customers, she is a role model to the other employees. She is solely responsible for assuring that customers leave the sushi shop in a good mood and always manages her tasks incredibly well.

sushi kokk

Personnel management

is the leader of our team of administrators. Her responsibility is to make sure that the cooperation between the employees would go smoothly. Discipline and responsibility are the personality traits that help her in her everyday work. Karina is not just a person with great sense of justice but also very outgoing and always finds the right approach with anyone.

sushi kokk

customer service representative

is capable of handling her tasks even under extreme stress, which is why our customers are left satisfied with our service and our sushi and sushi rolls always remain fresh and tasty even on the toughest of days. We appreciate her for her fast and quality work and other sushi shops can only be jealous of us.

sushi kokk

customer service representative

is a relatively new member of our team but has already gained the trust of our employees and become beloved by our customers. Aleksandra is always ready to lend a helping hand in unexpected situations, which is why we no longer picture our team without her.