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Miso Soup

Miso Soup or misohiro is an integral part of Japanese cuisine. Miso soup with cooked white rice is the traditional Japanese breakfast and many Japanese consume it daily.

Miso soup is prepared with spicy and protein-rich miso paste that is produced from soybeans, salt and grain (usually rice or barley), and the traditional dashi fish broth. Quite often this is it but sometimes other ingredients are added, either respective to the season or the region. The ingredients are carefully picked, so that they would not be of similar flavour, colour or texture. More common additional ingredients are tofu, seaweed, mushrooms, soy sauce, some vegetables, and sometimes even fish or meat. Miso soup is also sold as a separate product in store, either in the form of liquid paste that can be dissolved in hot water or canned ready-to-eat soup.

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